ARCHIVE EnCounterpoints

Festival EnCounterpoints - Contemporary Music in Winskiez
June - September 2017

Die beteiligten Musiker, die beim Musik-Festival auftreten


Festival EnCounterpoints (Juni - September 2017)
Neue Musik im Winskiez

Contemporary Music in Conversation with Contemporary Arts

The title of the festival "EnCounterpoints" links the English terms "Encounter" and "counterpoints" to a new and own word creation. The main focus of the three events is on the interplay of new music with other genres such as visual arts, literature and technology. The audience will be presented with a fascinating range of diverse possibilities through the connections of the individual art forms.

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Artistic direction and curation of the festival: Andreas F. Staffel

Das Musikkonzert von EnCounterpoints 2022 wird gefördert vom Bezirksamt Pankow