Festival EnCounterpoints 2021 (24./25. September 2021)

Submerge - Immersion

The name EnCounterpoints implies encounter as well as counterpoint, unity and diversity. Besides the contact and fusion of the different arts (music, painting, literature, video), the simultaneity of the different styles and forms (composed music, improvisation, electronics and performance) is also important.

After opening up new spaces for interpretation under the motto Translation-Transformation the year before last, this year's festival is themed Submerge - Emmersion. We present numerous premieres and first performances by contemporary composers such as:

Louis Amaya, Chihchun Chi-Sun Lee, Barry Cockcroft, Nico Muhly, Artem Nyzhnyk ,Rebecca Saunders, Giacinto Scelsi, Andreas F. Staffel, Michael Timpson, as well as works by Oliviér Messiaen and Giacinto Scelsi.

The festival EnCounterpoints- New Music in the Winskiez was founded in 2017 by Andreas F. Staffel .Since then, many unique events have taken place, with renowned artists such as.

Pavlos Antoniadis, Erik Drescher, Amit Dolberg, Laurence Egloff, Susanne Fröhlich, Yvonne Friedli, Katia Guedes, Anett Lau, Harry Lehmann, Andrej Lakissov, Lou-Lou ,Thomas Noll, Antje Thierbach, Jan Gerdes, Verena Stauffer, Lisa Ströckens, Stephan Goldbach, Julius Holtz, Ruben Mattia Santorsa, Anna Stern, Ter Hell, Biliana Voutchkova, Kelly Watson-Woelffer, Roman Yusipey.

Kurator: Andreas F. Staffel

Konzept und Kuration | Conception and Curation: Andreas F. Staffel, Musikstudio Ohrpheo Berlin
Assistenz | Assistence:: Isabelle Gauloise
Grafik | Design: Peschke
Webdesign: Jens Hoppe
Orte | Locations: Musikstudio Ohrpheo, Wabe

Gefördert von der initiative neue musik e.V. der Senatsverwaltung Berlin | sponsered by inm e.V. Berlin

Press contact

Andreas Staffel
Mail: info@ohrpheo.de
Tel: 030-25048799

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Artistic direction and curation of the festival: Andreas F. Staffel

Das Musikkonzert von EnCounterpoints 2022 wird gefördert vom Bezirksamt Pankow