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LouLou: Transscriptions

Lisa Ströckens | Soprano, Percussions Stephan Goldbach | Double Bass

Lisa Ströckens, soprano, percussion.
Stephan Goldbach | Double Bass

Loulou's programme includes transcriptions and arrangements as well as new compositions for the unusual combination of soprano and double bass.


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Combined ticket:
15 € | 12 € | 10 € (berlinpass)
(children and teenagers free entrance)

Wabe Berlin
Danziger Straße 101
10405 Berlin

Stefano Scodanibbio: Study II Dust
Impro for Double Bass Solo
Walter Gatti: Paleolitical Piece
for soprano and double bass
LouLou: Mantra
Text: Gottfried Ben
LouLou: Aus Fernen aus Reichen
Text: Gottfried Ben
Aribert Reimann: Kluge Sterne aus Ollea
for soprano solo
LouLou: „O Nacht“
Text: Gottfried Benn
Andreas F. Staffel: 4 Lieder nach Liebesgedichten von Bertolt Brecht
1. An R.
2. Liebesunterricht
3. Sieben Rosen
4. morgens und abends zu lesen
arranged for double bass + piano (2017)
Rage against the machine: Bullet in the head
arranged by LouLou
Alex Weissmüller: Ball
Text: Gottfried Benn

"I've never painted anyone's face with such a continuous change of expression." (Erdgeist, F. Wedekind) Unpredictable, mysterious and unstable. Lulu does what she wants and does it with almost childlike honesty and devotion. The duo LouLou, recently awarded the Debut Prize of the German Universities of Music, presents music and performance of the most diverse genres as well as texts by Benn and Bertolt Brecht in their varied programme. For example, the text O Nacht by Gottfried Benn is translated into alienated electronic sounds, creating a dreamlike world of sound between music and language. Walter Gatti's Paleolitical Piece works with sounds of the hypothetical original language. The piece transmits language and/or sounds by means of music into our present time.

Pieces by Scodanibbios, Gattis, Rage against the machine, Reimann, Staffel, Weissmüller and improvisations by LouLou can be heard.

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Artistic direction and curation of the festival: Andreas F. Staffel

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